He Loves Me

Do I think we’re meant to be? Do I think that we belong together? Yes. Absolutely. Yes.

I’ll try to explain it.

When he looks at me, he gives me a feeling that I’ve never felt before. No one has ever looked at me that way before. It’s that look that says, “I love you unconditionally no matter what”. Even when he’s annoyed with me, he doesn’t say anything bad. He loves me even when I feel ugly — when I don’t feel like the nicest person in the world. He is too real.

I believe God sent him to me to heal me. He knew what and who I needed. That’s Quinton. And God thought that I should have a child with this wonderful, beautiful, and kind human being. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Nearly There

My OB said if the baby doesn’t come by the due date that she will want me to be induced a week later. That would be the 14th. Valentine’s Day.

That would be cute, sweet, special, and all, but I’m hoping just to go the 13 more days to my due date. Not a whole other week!

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately. About two days ago, I went to work, came home, and took a nap. When I woke up, I could barely stand up. The pain was that bad. Mind you I haven’t been going into work like that because of all of this. I’m on intermittent FMLA. Anyway, after Q helped me up, I could barely walk to the restroom. And the pain when I try roll over in bed is unbearable.

Oh yeah, I think it’s about time for him to come on out!

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Life Changes in 2018

There’s going to be some big changes for me in 2018. I just hope to do better and enjoy being a first time mom to my baby boy. I need to start back on my low carb diet some time after he is born also. I need to get into a bigger place.

My grandfather has to miss the birth and life of his great-grandson. That makes me so sad, because he was the main person who always wanted me to have a baby. He’d always ask me constantly, “When you gonna have a baby?” And sadly, it had to happen less than a year after his passing in June of 2016.

My baby boy would be spoiled if his great-grandpa was still here!

My grandpa raised me from a newborn until I was grown with my grandmother and mother.

I believe my grandpa still knows though. He’s sitting right in Heaven looking down on us. My baby boy will have his great-grandfather’s first name as his middle name, which is Floyd. That’s why he’s gonna have an old school middle name!

I’m going to be recording a lot of videos (of him and fam) once he’s born, so he will always have them to look back over when he’s older. I don’t have any videos of my grandpa for him, but he’ll have photos and everyone’s memories of him.

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Oh, baby!

After having nausea, vomiting, pains in my side, seeing my belly jump up and down like a heart beating, being fatigued and extremely exhausted, I decided to go in to the emergency room yesterday.

It turns out nothing serious is wrong with me. I’m just pregnant with my first child. I’m 9 weeks and 2 days today.

They still couldn’t tell me why my stomach was jumping up and down. They said the pain in my side could just be from feeling my heart beat. Okayyy!!

Anyway, that was news I really wasn’t expecting. But yay, I’m having my first baby.

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50 Facts About Me

Here are some facts I thought I’d share about me. More facts will be coming later.

1. I was born on Halloween in 1984.
2. I love swimming.
3. I love Chinese food, but only eat it about once or twice a month (no rice, but yes to wontons).
4. I love pizza.
5. I’m on a no pasta, rice, or bread diet, so I don’t eat pizza and hardly eat Chinese food.
6. I love the show Once Upon a Time.
7. One of my favorite perfumes is Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture.
8. I love kale in my salads better than lettuce.
9. I love glittered personal accessories.
10. I loved sequined personal accessories.
11. I’m not a cat person.
12. I’m a dog person.
13. I hated fish when I was a child, a teenager, and young adult.
14. I love fish now.
15. I’m right-handed.
16. I love and decorate with shiny silver decor.
17. I love playing video games.
18. I love reading.
19. No Doubt is my favorite band.
20. I always have to be covered when sleeping, even if it’s only a sheet in the summer.
21. I really don’t like cooking at all. I just do it because I have to.
22. I’m a procrastinator.
23. I wear mostly black with just a little color.
24. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a red wine.
25. I loved the Goosebumps books by R. L. Stine when I was a child.
26. I have one half-sister and one half-brother.
27. I love gold jewelry over silver jewelry.
28. I love shopping online.
29. I figure out bills months ahead of time, but I always have to figure them out again.
30. I used to love winter as a child, but I don’t like it too much now. Ugh!
31. I used to hate drinking water up until I started my low-carb diet.
32. One of my other favorite perfumes is Be Delicious by DKNY.
33. I seriously cannot get over “Put That on Everything” by Brandy since it came out in 1998. I love that song.
34. I don’t have any tattoos.
35. I love Bath & Body Work’s Marshmallow Fireside candle.
36. I have make-up that I don’t take the time to wear.
37. I’m impatient.
38. Sometimes I laugh uncontrollably at the wrong things and fight to keep a straight face. I can’t help it.
39. I need to work on achieving goals that I have.
40. I hate driving in snow and/or ice.
41. I don’t like going clubbing.
42. I like small parties if there’s going to be a party.
43. Blue has become my favorite color again recently.
44. I hate doing dishes.
45. I’m a former smoker. I quit smoking in early 2013.
46. I like watching Beauty Gurus and BookTubers on YouTube.
47. I’m a homebody. I rarely leave my apartment, unless I’m going to visit family, going shopping, to work, to a restaurant, or to the doctor.
48. When I get a cold, it really distresses me.
49. I was 13 years old when I had my first boyfriend.
50. I don’t have any children.

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Here We Go Again

I’ve been sick for a few days now. My throat’s been dry and sore. I woke up hoarse two of the days, but eventually my voice came back each time. I’m wondering if I’m allergic to something, because the skin condition (hives and itching) has flared back up. My primary care doctor thinks that I have some kind of skin disease. I have an appointment with the dermatologist in February. I cannot wait until I can see him. Even this Zertyc isn’t helping the itch. However, Benadryl anti-itch cream has been working better than the Zertyc.

All the dermatologists are booked up until early February. That’s a damn shame.

Last month I began using a prescription strength deodorant. I used it for like a week and a half when I started getting an allergic reaction. I broke out in hives and itched like crazy in my underarms. I started to scratch. Then it got infected. I had to go to urgent care three times because of the shit. It was no fun. But now, I have the hives again since I stopped using the deodorant and taking the Prednisone. Two rounds of Prednisone and the hives came back each time. Ugh!

Anyway, with that and work, I have been tired. I’ve been lounging around all day. I just hopped on the computer. I have nothing cooked at all right now. I will be cooking a pot roast with carrots, cabbage, and sweet peas in a little bit after I get back from the grocery store. The meat’s thawing out in the fridge and the veggies are cut up. I can’t wait until it’s done, so I need to get on it.

I just received four YA books in the mail today from Book Outlet. They are Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, Half Bad by Sally Green, and Black City by Elizabeth Richards. At Book Outlet, you can find discounted books. Very discounted books. Check them out. I love that website.

They only have so many copies of books in stock. So you have to grab them fast. The books are marked with a small dot or a line at the bottom/top of the book because these are books that were returned or were excess inventory that the publishers then sold to Book Outlet. They are brand new books. However, they have a scratch and dent section also. The scratch and dent books are cheaper because they are scratched, dented, or may be missing the cover.

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Hello, New Year

I just got back from the grocery store. I didn’t have anything to make a meal in the fridge. I just got some stuff to make one of my favorite salads: eggs, kale, carrots, extra sharp cheddar cheese, blue cheese dressing, ham, and cranberries. Yum. It was delicious.

I’ve been staying away from most carbs and sugars. I don’t eat bread, pasta, or rice. I don’t eat corn or potatoes either. However, I make exceptions about once or twice every month and go out for chinese food. I still have to have my cranberries in my salads and my nutrigrain bars as well! I eat my peanut butter cookies every once in a while, too.

I started my diet in late August. I’ve lost 39 pounds since and have yet to join the gym. I’m planning on finally joining next month in February. There’s just been so many obstacles in my way. I even got sick last month and was planning to join this month. Now I need to give myself enough time to heal before I hit the pool or hit the fitness equipment at the gym.

Swimming is going to be my main thing though. I love swimming. I’ll be attending the aqua aerobics classes about three times a week and swimming laps after and/or before class. I don’t know what equipment I’ll be getting on. I guess I’ll find out when I join. I should probably hook up with a personal trainer. So I guess you can say that’s my New Years resolution: join the gym and get fit.

I stopped reading It by Stephen King and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. I did lose interest in It. I probably won’t finish it anytime soon. However, I’m going to go ahead and start back reading Interview with the Vampire and move on to the next book in the series.

Right now, I’m currently reading All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry. If you’re a reader and have a Goodreads account, add me.

I know that I need to stop neglecting my website. I want to write more and keep it up to date. I don’t want to shut it down. I’ve gotta get my ass in gear this year. So I will be writing more and continuing to study on my own time. I don’t know how often I will write. I can’t make any promises. So that’s another New Years resolution.

I cut my hair last month. Again. I had cut it some months back too. It grew back out. But I cut it closer to the scalp this time. I wanted to start over and start with shorter hair. I will be natural until my hair grows back out to the length I desire, but I will be wearing wigs for a while as it’s growing. I have been rocking wigs for about 2 years now though anyway. So even when it grows back out to the length I want, I will probably still be wearing wigs!

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Lose Myself

Today is my birthday! I’m 32 years young. Woohoo! I don’t have any special plans for today. I’m just going to go see my family, come home, go to sleep, and get ready for work in the morning. Maybe next year I’ll do something worth writing about!

Anyway, I can’t say that I’m going to get this website going the way I want it anytime soon. I’m lacking that discipline right now. Although web design is still a passion of mine, my focus is not with it right now. I’m going to stop setting these expectations for myself. That way I won’t be disappointed and have to explain myself if I don’t exactly achieve a goal.

So, I’m not promising anything.

I just kinda lost myself in books, TV, and work over the past few months. Well, I’m still losing myself in those things. Right now, I’m currently reading It by Stephen King and Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice.

It by Stephen King is a very long book. It has over 1,000 pages. I started it at the end of August and am still reading. It’s kinda slow-paced, but it’s still interesting enough for me to keep reading it. I’m very interested in seeing the outcome, but I do think that the book could’ve been shorter than it is.

Interview With the Vampire is a very easy and fast read. It’s the first in the adult Vampire Chronicles series. I can’t believe I never read it before. I’ve collected all the books in the series but Prince Lestat and the new book coming in November.

I also finished reading Beautiful Creatures in August. It’s a Young Adult novel about “casters”. I’ve already got the rest of the books in the Beautiful Creatures series and the first book in the Dangerous Creatures series just waiting for me to pick them up.

I’ve read other books since I started reading again this year, but the aforementioned ones are the most noteworthy.

If you have a Goodreads account, you can connect with me here.

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