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Working Day & Night

It’s been a while since I last updated. Well, I’ve been busy. I’m a mother. A new mother! Being a working mother, I want to really be as involved with my son as I can. He’s my first child. He might be my only child seeing as how I am 34 years old and not […]

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My King Cortland

A lot of things have changed. I gave birth to my son Cortland on February 14, 2018. It was an experience for sure. I was scheduled to be induced on February 13th at 5:00 in the morning. They started the process at about 5:30am. I held out for a while before asking for an epidural. […]

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He Loves Me

Do I think we’re meant to be? Do I think that we belong together? Yes. Absolutely. Yes. I’ll try to explain it. When he looks at me, he gives me a feeling that I’ve never felt before. No one has ever looked at me that way before. It’s that look that says, “I love you […]

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Nearly There

My OB said if the baby doesn’t come by the due date that she will want me to be induced a week later. That would be the 14th. Valentine’s Day. That would be cute, sweet, special, and all, but I’m hoping just to go the 13 more days to my due date. Not a whole […]

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Life Changes in 2018

There’s going to be some big changes for me in 2018. I just hope to do better and enjoy being a first time mom to my baby boy. I need to start back on my low carb diet some time after he is born also. I need to get into a bigger place. My grandfather […]

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Oh, baby!

After having nausea, vomiting, pains in my side, seeing my belly jump up and down like a heart beating, being fatigued and extremely exhausted, I decided to go in to the emergency room yesterday. It turns out nothing serious is wrong with me. I’m just pregnant with my first child. I’m 9 weeks and 2 […]

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50 Facts About Me

Here are some facts I thought I’d share about me. More facts will be coming later. 1. I was born on Halloween in 1984. 2. I love swimming. 3. I love Chinese food, but only eat it about once or twice a month (no rice, but yes to wontons). 4. I love pizza. 5. I’m […]

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Here We Go Again

I’ve been sick for a few days now. My throat’s been dry and sore. I woke up hoarse two of the days, but eventually my voice came back each time. I’m wondering if I’m allergic to something, because the skin condition (hives and itching) has flared back up. My primary care doctor thinks that I […]

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