Working Day & Night

It’s been a while since I last updated. Well, I’ve been busy. I’m a mother. A new mother! Being a working mother, I want to really be as involved with my son as I can. He’s my first child. He might be my only child seeing as how I am 34 years old and not getting any younger. I do want to have another child though (preferably before I hit 36 years old). He needs a sibling.

So yeah, I’ve been busy with taking care of my son, work, and trying to find where we’re going to be moving to once the lease is up here.

I have been making videos since my son was a newborn and sharing them with family and friends on Facebook. I recently decided to start putting my videos on my YouTube channel in November of 2018 and to start connecting with other people like me on YouTube.

The first video I uploaded was my 2018 Bedroom Christmas Decor video in which I showed the little decor that I did have in my bedroom. Space is so limited in my bedroom with having baby gear and all. That’s one reason we need to move! The second video that I uploaded was my 2018 Living Room & Kitchen Christmas Decor video in which I show my candy-themed Christmas tree and other Christmas decor. This was a new theme for me. I had been doing a teal and silver theme for the previous three years. I will include that video here.

I uploaded my third video Christmas Day 2018: Cortland’s First Christmas on Christmas Day. In this video, I helped my son, Cortland, open his presents. My fourth video was a short Christmas Day video. My fifth video was a Day After Christmas video. The last video I’ve uploaded to date is Cortland Reached a Milestone!

Let’s just say I’m a proud mom! I want to capture moments with my son on video and show him off!

If you want to keep up with my videos, go ahead and subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. That way you’ll be notified of any new videos.

I am going to try to be more active on too. I’m going to try to get up at least three blog posts a week.

In other news, I took my son to Woodland Hills Mall to have pictures taken with Santa on December 21st. He did not smile at all! He didn’t warm up to Santa at all. Santa and the photographer tried everything. I was bummed because he didn’t smile in the photos, but then later I felt that maybe that was a good thing in a way. Santa was a stranger, not someone he knows. What do you guys think?

Cortland’s growing up on me! It won’t be long before he’s walking and running around! Again, subscribe to the channel if you want to keep up with us!

My King Cortland

A lot of things have changed. I gave birth to my son Cortland on February 14, 2018. It was an experience for sure. I was scheduled to be induced on February 13th at 5:00 in the morning. They started the process at about 5:30am. I held out for a while before asking for an epidural. The first time they gave it to me, it didn’t work. So the epidural guy had to come back around and do it again. It worked the second time. Since I wasn’t dilating enough and my son was losing oxygen (because my blood pressure was going up), my doctor decided I needed to have a cesarean. He was born at 8:56pm on February 14th weighing 8 lb. 11 oz. and 21.5 inches long. I was so sore I could barely get out of bed at the hospital and at home. My feet and legs filled with fluid also. It took me about three months to feel well again. I still feel tender sometimes, but it’s better.

Quinton helped so much. He did almost everything for my son and me. I still wanted to do things for myself even though it hurt my abdomen to lean over and get my son out of his bassinet or to carry him.

My whole life has changed since then. Sometimes it’s rough, but that’s my baby. He’s a very hyper and spirited little 7 month old.

Lately my son’s been having stridor. I took him to the ENT specialist last week. The doctor said that my son has tracheamalacia. It worries me a lot, but I’m trying to stay positive and pray that my son outgrows it.

Nearly There

My OB said if the baby doesn’t come by the due date that she will want me to be induced a week later. That would be the 14th. Valentine’s Day.

That would be cute, sweet, special, and all, but I’m hoping just to go the 13 more days to my due date. Not a whole other week!

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately. About two days ago, I went to work, came home, and took a nap. When I woke up, I could barely stand up. The pain was that bad. Mind you I haven’t been going into work like that because of all of this. I’m on intermittent FMLA. Anyway, after Q helped me up, I could barely walk to the restroom. And the pain when I try roll over in bed is unbearable.

Oh yeah, I think it’s about time for him to come on out!

Life Changes in 2018

There’s going to be some big changes for me in 2018. I just hope to do better and enjoy being a first time mom to my baby boy. I need to start back on my low carb diet some time after he is born also. I need to get into a bigger place.

My grandfather has to miss the birth and life of his great-grandson. That makes me so sad, because he was the main person who always wanted me to have a baby. He’d always ask me constantly, “When you gonna have a baby?” And sadly, it had to happen less than a year after his passing in June of 2016.

My baby boy would be spoiled if his great-grandpa was still here!

My grandpa raised me from a newborn until I was grown with my grandmother and mother.

I believe my grandpa still knows though. He’s sitting right in Heaven looking down on us. My baby boy will have his great-grandfather’s first name as his middle name, which is Floyd. That’s why he’s gonna have an old school middle name!

I’m going to be recording a lot of videos (of him and fam) once he’s born, so he will always have them to look back over when he’s older. I don’t have any videos of my grandpa for him, but he’ll have photos and everyone’s memories of him.

Oh, baby!

After having nausea, vomiting, pains in my side, seeing my belly jump up and down like a heart beating, being fatigued and extremely exhausted, I decided to go in to the emergency room yesterday.

It turns out nothing serious is wrong with me. I’m just pregnant with my first child. I’m 9 weeks and 2 days today.

They still couldn’t tell me why my stomach was jumping up and down. They said the pain in my side could just be from feeling my heart beat. Okayyy!!

Anyway, that was news I really wasn’t expecting. But yay, I’m having my first baby.