Life Changes in 2018 | Saturday, December 30th, 2017

There’s going to be some big changes for me in 2018. I just hope to do better and enjoy being a first time mom to my baby boy. I need to start back on my low carb diet some time after he is born also. I need to get into a bigger place.

My grandfather has to miss the birth and life of his great-grandson. That makes me so sad, because he was the main person who always wanted me to have a baby. He’d always ask me constantly, “When you gonna have a baby?” And sadly, it had to happen less than a year after his passing in June of 2016.

My baby boy would be spoiled if his great-grandpa was still here!

My grandpa raised me from a newborn until I was grown with my grandmother and mother.

I believe my grandpa still knows though. He’s sitting right in Heaven looking down on us. My baby boy will have his great-grandfather’s first name as his middle name, which is Floyd. That’s why he’s gonna have an old school middle name!

I’m going to be recording a lot of videos (of him and fam) once he’s born, so he will always have them to look back over when he’s older. I don’t have any videos of my grandpa for him, but he’ll have photos and everyone’s memories of him.

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